Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBUMS)

Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBUMS) is one of the three medical universities in Tehran, the capital of Iran. It began its mission in 1961 with establishing the School of Medicine.The university is basically government funded and its fundamental cornerstones include the Board of Trustees, chancellor, and the University Council. Furthermore, 8 vice -chancellors in Academic & Education, Research & Technology, Health, Tre.atment, Food & Drug, Administration and Resources Development, Cultural & Students affairs, and International Affairs are the main wings of the university in fulfilling its tasks

Presently, the university benefits from 12 schools admitting students in a wide and varied range of fields from, 26 sub-specialties, 48 fellowships, 35 specialties, 49 PhDs, 15 MPH, 3 general medical fields (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy), to 67 majors at MSC and BSC disciplines. The university also benefits from the full time and invaluable cooperation of 1410 academic staff including 209 professors, 403 associate professors, 738 assistant professors, and 60 lecturers in 2017 that educates and train more than 12780 students.Moreover, it is worth to mention that the SBUMSbenefits from 5 research institute, and more than 76 research centers, among which 7 are working with World Health Organization (WHO) as WHO collaborating center.This university has trained thousands and thousands of students in different levels (undergraduate & graduate levels) in various fields of specialty as general medical fields, PhDs, specialty, sub-specialty, fellowships, etc, who are presently providing health-related services to our own nation and many foreign countries.Since 1988, and following the merging of Ministry of Health with Medical Education, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences is honored to have the responsibility of providing, maintaining and promoting the health of more than 5,250,000 residents of Tehran, the capital of Iran, and the neighboring cities in Eastern and Southern Tehran Province, together with training students of many different health-related majors

Degree Programs of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBUMS)

School of Public Health & Safety
PhD of Health in Disasters & Emergencies
School of Rehabilitation Sciences
PhD of Physiotherapy

School of Nursing & Midwifery

PhD of Nursing
PhD of Fertility Health
School of Rehabilitation Sciences
PhD of Physiotherapy
School of Nutrition
Master of Nutrition

School of Public Health & Safety

MSc in Ergonomics

MSc in Health, Safety and Environmental Management

School of Public Health & Safety
Bachelor in Environmental Health Engineering
Bachelor in Occupational Health Engineering
School of Medicine  
Medical Genetics


PhD of Parasitology



School of  Dentistry
Dental Material
Oral Health and Social Dentistry
School of  Pharmacy
PhD of Pharmaceutics
PhD of Toxicology

PhD of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

PhD of Medical Chemistry

School of Allied Medical Sciences
PhD of Health Information Management
PhD of Biostatics

PhD of Medical Informatics

PhD in Laboratory Hematology and Transfusion

School of Medical Education Sciences
Master’s degree in Medical Education
School of Advanced Technologies in Medicine

Medical Biotechnology

Tissue Engineering

Applied Cell Sciences (Cell Therapy)

Molecular Medicine

School of Traditional Medicine

Traditional Pharmacy

PhD of Persian (Iranian) medicine

School of Rehabilitation Sciences
Master of Physiotherapy
Master of Optometry
Master of Occupational Therapy
School of Medicine  
Reproductive Biology
School of Nursing & Midwifery
BSc of Nursing
BSc of Midwifery

BSc of operating room

BSc of Anesthesia

School of Nursing & Midwifery

Master of Science (Pediatric Nursing)

Master of science (Community health Nursing)

Master of science (Psychiatric nursing)

Master of Science (emergency Nursing)

Master of Science (Medical Surgical Nursing)

Master of Science (geriatric Nursing)

School of Allied Medical Sciences

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Sciences

Bachelor of Radiation Therapy Technology

Bachelor of Radiology Technology

Radiobiology and Radiation protection

Bachelor of Health Information Technology (HIT)

Librarianship and Medical Informatics
School of  Dentistry

School of Allied Medical Sciences

Medical Informatics

Medical Laboratory Sciences

Radiobiology and Radiation protection

Master of Health Information Technology (HIT)

Master of Clinical Biochemistry

Master of Medical Informatics

Medical Imaging Technology: MRI

Librarianship and Medical Informatics
Master in Laboratory Hematology and Blood Bank
School of Nutrition
Bachelor of Nutrition
Bachelor of Food Science and Industry
School of Rehabilitation Sciences
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Bachelor of Audiology
Bachelor of Optometry
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy