AIEMT Company operates on a global stage connecting IRAN with neighbor nations and all over the world by active collaborations with Universities in Education, Health Tourism, Medical Tourism, Internationalization, Ranking, Accreditation and holding seminars and workshops. We believe in providing every individual with the most suitable educational opportunities to study in IRAN. AIEMT is a dynamic and passionate, abroad based, Educational Services Company. It can provide many activities in IRAN in terms of educational services and study purposes.

AIEMT is Official Representative of High Ranked Universities in IRAN

WE are official representative of most of the famous and international universities in IRAN as Tehran medical university, Shahid Beheshti medical university, Iran medical university, Mazandaran medical university, Lorestan medical university, Kurdistan medical university, Kermanshah medical university, Tabriz University, Ilam medical university, Ilam Azad university, Razi university and many other universities. We do our best to connect Universities in Iran with Universities and educational institutes abroad. we are holding workshops and seminars by inviting faculty members as Visiting Professor and Adjunct Professor.

AIEMT Services for International Students

For students who apply in our Educational Company our services are including admission of higher education, international student services, application form, education counseling, travel and visa assistances, admission guidance and education admission process. with an experienced team staff that professionally counsel, advice and motivate students, AIEMT understands how the virtues of education counseling and guidance could aid individual student in their competitions in terms of achievements in their society. AIEMT give you the full information and professional attention from the first day you meet till you reach your dream destination. We provide an experienced team, who are membered in different countries and/or at universities. Each of the expert members of our team is ready to help you in all your steps, from selecting the best course and university for you. As far as you are unique in the world, our advice and guidance are customized according to your own needs. AIEMT is appointed as the representative of the universities, colleges and schools that offers the best different subject areas from foundations, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, short-courses and language certificates. We could obtain the best opportunity for students to obtain the exclusive university degrees from more than 126 universities. Don’t forget we are here to be always with you to obtain your targets. AIEMT team is looking forward to seeing you in head offices and branch offices.

AIEMT Company has, for quite a while now, embarked upon an adventurous journey towards becoming a renowned international company. In due time, we approach, take up, and tackle any and all challenges with care and accuracy. Until now, we have witnessed significant improvements and advances with regard to international development, and we sincerely hope that we will be able to carry on with this trend in the future we have ahead of us.


Our English website (www.persiaeducation.com) is the only website available in Iran which collects all Iranian universities centrally in one database. Students from all over the world can easily search for universities in our website. Students can easily Apply easily in our website by filling the form and uploading documents.


AIEMT Company is associated with the most famous and prestigious hospitals, clinics, specialists and doctors in different cities of Iran. Selected hospitals and clinics are well equipped with the finest infrastructure, modern equipment, trained supportive staffs and international standards of hygiene and care for the comfort of patients.

Our services are planned and scheduled in advance. We adhere strongly to the medical ethics and standards and use our international knowledge in the field of medical tourism in Iran to deliver cost-effective, timely, safe and quality services. In fact, we cater to all the nuances of medical tourism and guide you through every step.

With AIEMT Costs are 50 to 200 Percent Cheaper

We try to understand your expectations and give the best services for your medical travel to Iran. We examine your medical condition comprehensively and suggest a customized mix of hospitals, clinics, and top surgeons. All AIEMT medical treatments’ costs are 50 to 200 percent cheaper than those in other countries.

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Internationalization is an essential element for the future development of AIEMT. For our company internationalization means providing students with opportunities for gaining international experience and for developing the skills to function effectively in the world. Within a short time of its formation, our company has developed collaboration with several International Institutes. Another strand in the internationalization of AIEMT Company, which might carry more value and importance than the former, consists of numerous activities related to international and cross-border interactions.

Vision & Mission

AIEMT mission is to offer the best of the excellent services to the educational institutions, including Schools, Colleges, Language centers, Universities and students in a professional and ethical manner.
AIEMT helps and supports students in achieving their targets through study opportunities in IRAN. Our professional team is renowned for its integrity and the excellent quality of educational services that we provide for international students and institutions. AIEMT doesn’t simply view prospective international students and their families as clients- we headline on creating the relationship and take a personal interest in aiding students which acclimatize to a modern educational environment and job opportunity for students in future.