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Tehran University of Medical Sciences(TUMS)

PhD/Health Economics



$ 5000 per year

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The PhD in Health Economics establishes an analytical framework for investigating many facets of the health-care system, with a focus on demand for and supply of health-care services, health-care production and costs, and a market analysis of the health-care industry. Private health insurance companies, physicians, the pharmaceutical business, hospital services, and the government are all key players in the health-care industry. These are critically examined in the Health Economics program. In addition, the show discusses the government's position in the health-care industry as well as potential health-care reforms.

The PhD in Health Economics is a standard professional program that teaches students fundamental skills in the core areas of the health care system, such as health economics, management, and policy, with a particular emphasis on theoretical and empirical aspects of health economics and the efficient use of limited healthcare resources. The curriculum is tailored to students seeking a wider understanding of health economics knowledge and abilities in order to improve community health and healthcare.

The course's main goals are to give students a comprehensive review of selected issues in health economics as well as to familiarize graduate students with current knowledge and activity in the field, with the ultimate goal of preparing them for serious health economics research.



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