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Tehran University of Medical Sciences(TUMS)

PhD/Exercise Physiology



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In comparison to general physiology, exercise physiology concentrates on the extremes of biological reactions to physical activity and what follows as adaptations, as it pushes the body to its biological boundaries. Because biological systems, the most complex of which is the human body, have non-linear behavior, a large number of mechanisms involved in homeostasis shift when extreme conditions occur. As a result, all life scientists must make social obligations to improve the interdisciplinary science of Exercise Physiology.

Exercise physiology is an interdisciplinary discipline of health sciences that investigates the function of several biological systems in the human body under extreme conditions, one of which is exercise, on all levels, from molecules to the entire system. It is concerned with the short- and long-term adaptations to diverse modalities and intensities of physical activity. In typical courses, bioenergetics and exercise metabolism, muscular and cardiovascular adaptations to exercise, respiratory control during exercise, neuroendocrine control during exercise, and a variety of other topics are addressed in typical courses.



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