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In epidemiology, it is a branch of health sciences that analyzes the distribution and determinants of health-related states or events in specific groups, as well as how these studies might be applied to combat health dangers. Ph.D. candidates are expected to graduate with knowledge and abilities in epidemiology so that they can:

They develop their field's practical and theoretical characteristics.

Examine studies for scientific principles in study methodologies, data collection, and analysis with attention.

gain the ability to work in national health systems based on epidemiologic theory and knowledge, the ability to analyze and make policy, and techniques of applying research knowledge to planning and operational fields.

This field can readily be integrated with others, and there is contact between professionals in this and other fields. Its distinguishing traits include practicing justice, law, and methodical thinking; creating evidence; and making evidence-based decisions. This program's educational goal is to prepare competent individuals in the fields of education, research, and health management.



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