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Tehran University of Medical Sciences(TUMS)

PhD/Dental Materials



$ 5000 per year

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Dental Materials is a fundamental science that studies the composition, modification, production, characterization, and assessment of dental biomaterial qualities. Restorative materials, endodontic materials, impression materials, orthodontic materials, dental implants, and so on are examples of different types of dental materials.

It also encompasses the application of materials science analytical techniques to the characterization and mechanical testing of dental materials. These materials are also subjected to biological tests to determine their biocompatibility.

We're interested in advancing the education of dentists who want to improve their knowledge and research skills in the field of dental materials to the greatest level possible. Professional excellence and integrity are given the utmost professional ethical consideration in education.
The goal of this program is to equip applicants with education and training in this profession. It could eventually lead to better oral care and human health. Graduates will be qualified to instruct at dental schools. They also improve their research skills by focusing on national or international issues.



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