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Getting to know the Iranian culture and tradition

Getting to know the Iranian culture and tradition


As the same as other countries, Iran also has special social customs. Tourists or if we want to travel from one city to another city in Iran, we should familiarize ourselves with the manners and customs of that city so that our movement or speech does not cause people to be offended.

One of the most important things that cause confusion and misunderstanding among foreign tourists is the complement habit of compliments (Taarof) among Iranian. For example, people may refuse to accept tea, fruit, and gifts at parties, or use words like "I can't afford it" when receiving money. Sometimes such behavior causes misunderstanding and surprise among tourists who travel to Iran for the first time. If you are one of these people, it is better to know that this behavior is done only out of politeness and respect and the other party expects you to be more persistent in giving money, etc.


Iranians have a special respect for their elders. If you are invited to a party, try to shake hands with the elders first and then move on to other family members. For this, a handshake is enough, and if you wish, you can kiss the other party's cheek to express politeness and respect. Since the people of Iran are Muslim, remember not to have any physical contact (handshake, etc.) with the opposite sex. There is no need to familiarize yourself with all the customs of Iranian people before traveling to Iran; Be sure that during your trip to Iran, you can get a lot of information in this field and you will see that the more you know about Iranian culture, the better you will understand Iranian people.




The first meeting of people with each other should be accompanied by the following two principles:

You have to quickly squeeze and release the other person's hand. Never hold the contact's hand for a long time because by doing so, you violate the privacy of the person. Hitting the other person's shoulder with a hand is also not very appropriate at this time and is considered a threadbare and old-fashioned behavior. It is better for men to lean forward a little and bow very slightly in front of women.

On the dining table

If you are invited to a business meeting in a cafe or restaurant and you do not know the people around the table, do not talk to them before introducing each other. This is an example of indecency. Also, watch your hand movements. Do not put your hands on the table. It is better to put your hands on your legs when you are sitting at the table. Also note that when you put your mobile phone on the table, it means that you are not interested in talking to the other party. Before going to a restaurant, if you say to your friend or companion: "My guest", it means that you have to pay all the expenses yourself. But when you say "let's go to a restaurant together" it means you are only going to pay your dong.