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Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences (MazUMS)

Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences (MazUMS)

Iranian province of Mazandaran contains Sari, home to the Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences (abbreviated as MazUMS). It is regarded as one of Iran's best medical schools.

Sari Higher School of Midwifery

The Sari Higher School of Midwifery, which was founded in 1975, served as the foundation for the 1986 establishment of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences in Sari, Iran.

Location of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences

The largest city in the Mazandaran Province, Sari is situated at the foot of the Alborz mountains and south of the Caspian Sea.

MazUMS has more than 8,000 students enrolled in a variety of disciplines and is a class I medical institution.

Colleges and medical majors of MazUMS

There are ten colleges in total: paramedical sciences, dentistry, healthcare, medicine, advanced technologies in medicine, allied medical sciences, and pharmacy. The university's extensive variety of faculties are complemented by three major institutions that do research to benefit the local and global communities: the institutes for hemoglobinopathy, addiction, and non-communicable diseases.

25 of the 40 hospitals in Mazandaran, including the Imam Khomeini, Zare, and Fayemeh Zahra hospitals, are connected to the university. This provides a variety of possibilities for medical students to strengthen their practical abilities and broaden their skill set while establishing connections with local medical practitioners.

Research at MazUMS

1674 research publications from MazUMS have been published in national journals and conferences. MazUMS is the owner, publisher, and organizer of six specialty publications and has hosted eight conferences to far. Additionally, this center has so far published 6243 reputable worldwide publications. Most of the publications written by Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services academics in 1398 used the terms "cancer" and "breast cancer" in the title.