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Meeting of the Director of International Affairs of Kerman University of Medical Sciences with the Cultural Adviser of the Republic of Iraq

At this meeting, Dr. Baqer Amir Heydari, while expressing gratitude and introducing the province and Kerman University of Medical Sciences, on the strong connection of the people of Kerman province with Iraq, both in terms of heart connection with the holy shrines and that Kerman is the origin and burial place of the savior of the Islamic world, Martyr General Qasim Soleimani is stressed.

In this regard, he said, the capacities and readiness of Kerman University of Medical Sciences to accept students from Iraq and expand cooperation in various fields, including student and professor exchange with Iraqi universities, holding various scientific events with the cooperation of both parties and the existence of the field, The preparation stressed the need to establish a representative office of Kerman University of Medical Sciences in Iraq and upgrade it to a university branch.

He also announced his readiness to facilitate and expand scientific research cooperation with the Iraqi parties to other major medical universities in the 8th district of Amayesh, as well as non-medical universities in Kerman.

During the meeting, Dr. Amjad, the cultural advisor of the Republic of Iraq in Iran, thanked the International Director of Kerman University of Medical Sciences at the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq and announced that the name of Kerman University of Medical Sciences has been approved by the Iraqi Ministry of Science and its official statement It will be announced in the next one or two weeks.

He also welcomed all the ideas presented and announced his readiness and that of the embassy to facilitate these matters.

It should be noted that this meeting was coordinated and followed up by Aiemt Company, which is active in attracting students to many universities in the country and has also attracted a number of students to Kerman University of Medical Sciences.